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Before Frameless Glass Bifold

With over 36 years in the glazing industry Zone Frameless Doors understands how to work and be creative with glass and aluminium to bring the professional touch to your doors. Frameless glass products are an exciting and visibly stunning glass creation and Zone Frameless Doors have substantial experience designing, fabricating and fitting frameless doors in Commercial Projects including Sliding, Pivot and Stacking types amongst others. Our creative designs are ever evolving with innovations with every new Project.


The new cutting edge product is Frameless Bi-fold Doors with patch fittings, rendering the need for top and bottom rails and door jambs and mullions obsolete. Project Management of glass installations commercially in both Australia and Internationally (eg Maldives) have shown the aesthetically appreciative value of panoramic views and at Zone Frameless Doors, we understand how they are best achieved.  Zone Frameless Doors clear aim is to make this product to a professional standard and affordable to the Residential customer. 



Quality and Affordability: 

 Zone Frameless Doors understands the weathering effect that salt, wind and humidity can have on glass products and certain glass and stainless steel products sourced from our overseas suppliers have shown to be resistant to these effects where they have been used in the Maldives where the average  ground level 2.4 metres above the sea. Associated costs are reduced by incorporating some overseas hardware together with locally sourced aluminium products and still maintain a high-end quality product. Zone Frameless Doors objective is to introduce this to our housing Industry in Australia as both an affordable, superior and profitable alternative using local manufacturing and labour in conjunction with the imported hardware.

Frameless Glass Bifold installed


Frameless Glass Doors completed



Enjoying the Australian way of life means there is a focus on enjoying the indoor/outdoor zones of a house and garden. This is best achieved through the use of timber and aluminium bi-fold doors however when closed panoramic view is interrupted by the aluminium and timber double door jambs restricting views to that less than conventional sliding doors.  The use of our frameless glass products maintains the atmosphere the bi-folds doors were designed for, giving a beautiful panoramic view even when closed.  


Zone Frameless Doors is displaying this technology at the Home Show to show that we can offer to the Residential Housing Market a Frameless Glass Bi-Fold Door that will greatly enhance the visual aspects to both the owner and home. The frames are designed to be equivalent to those already fitted by Builders and Carpenters. The glass panels would be installed by Glaziers when required by the Builder. As the photos show, doors are best seen by hardly being seen.